Traffic Control & Flagging
We are equipped with:
•   Large & small orange cones with & without Reflective strips
•   Reflective flagging vests
•   Radios for communicating
•   Stop & slow paddles
•   Arrow boards
•   Road work ahead signs
•   Shoulder work ahead signs
•   Utility work ahead signs
•   Flagmen ahead signs
CommScape, Inc has employees that are trained and qualified
for traffic control & flagging  using State and Federal standards
as published by the APWA and the Watch Area Traffic
Control Handbook, should any of your jobs have the need:

•  For the testing stages of a job that are located adjacent to       
narrow streets, winding roads, hilly terrain & blind corners.
•  Lane closures that may require right or left hand lane closure
signs for entering man holes or in-ground equipment vaults.