CommScape, Inc. offers services to take care of graffiti  or sticker removals.  Sometimes
cell sites are easy targets for vandals to take advantage of, and as a result they get tagged
•        Spray paint
•        Markers
•        Stickers
•        Decals
•        Chalk
•        Chemicals, such as oils that do stain.  

We have a lot of experience cleaning or re-painting:
•        Cell site shelters
•        Shelter doors
•        Steel or wood antenna poles
•        Equipment pedestals
•        Power pedestals
•        Telephone equipment pedestals
•        Concrete sidewalks
•        Block walls
•        Wooden fences
•        Cable trays
•        Stucco walls
•        Equipment signs & plaques
•        Address stickers
•        Cable risers
•        Barrier posts (Bollards)

We can take care of these types of problems and more. We can match almost any paint
color or type. (Keeping the Radio Frequency limitations or restrictions in mind at all
times) We have ample experience painting or re-painting steel antenna mono-poles which
sometimes are required to be painted certain colors required by the City or governing

Often at times for whatever reason, the existing paint does not stick or adhere to
galvanized metals and it begins to oxidize, fade or peel off poles. We prepare such projects
by removing loose paint from the poles, sand down and prepare for paint or repaint of
the entire pole if necessary.
Graffiti & Sticker