Animal & Pest Control
CommScape is prepared to handle the problem no matter what
insect or animal intruder you may have!  We will not only remove
the unwanted guest, but we will also clean, sanitize and secure the
problem to help prevent further intrusions. Furthermore, we will
always provide you with before and after digital pictures of the
project so that you can see the end result for yourself, without you
ever having to visit the site!  
We will always do our best for catch and release
methods of any animal that we remove from your facility
In other cases, insects such as:
•        Wasps
•        Ants
•        Roaches
•        Honey Bees
•        Killer Africanized Bees
These creatures can make a home out of most anything such as
outdoor equipment pedestals, cable trays, power panels, artificial
antenna Monopalms, Monopines & Broadleaf trees or Monopoles.
The most common intruders such as mice or rats , tend to chew on
telephone wiring that most often times take down T-1 lines and or
other communications cabling that will most likely result in
equipment failure.  The end result is the site goes down along with
the carriers revenue due to lost calls.
In some cases there are animals such as , possums, snakes, birds &
barn owls; these creatures sometimes get inside cable trays,
equipment plinths or inside fake equipment shelters such as water
tanks & wind mills.
Should your cell site become infiltrated by unwanted guests