Site Modifications
CommScape, Inc. has the experience & knowledge to upgrade, modify or
construct pole mounted or pedestal mounted cellular equipment including
associated directional or omni antennas located in the public right of way and
private properties.  

In Southern California most cell sites in rural areas are mounted onto jointly
owned public utility poles such as
  • DWP & SCE Power Companies
  • AT&T & Other Credible Telephone Companies
  • CATV & Broadband Companies and Cellular Phone Companies such as
    Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, AT&T Wireless & T-Mobile etc.  

CommScape, Inc. can make the necessary changes on joint poles to
accommodate your outside plant infrastructure including “Make Ready” for
attachment grades for;
  • New Fiber Optic Cable,
  • Antenna Arms,
  • Antennas,
  • Cable Risers
  • Pole Mounted Equipment.  

We understand and comply with important pole related requirements such as
climbing space, minimum safety requirements from high voltage lines and
general safety to employees and the general public. We can move equipment
from ground mounted pedestals to be pole mounted.  For example; Telephone
equipment pedestals or power pedestals need to be removed from the ground
and mounted on a utility pole. We can do it! By obtaining the necessary
electrical permits required if needed.
We can modify existing cell sites by adding additional antennas, micro cell
equipment, cable risers, coaxial cables, ground bars, grounding kits, grounding
rings, ground bars cable trays, R.F. friendly (translucent) facades, including
paneling & bracing.
Buildings & Roof Tops Sector Additions & Modifications