Pole Line Construction
State of California rules for Overhead Electric Supply & Communication Line
Construction standards & safety practices as prescribed by the Public Utilities
Commission. The purpose of these rules for the State of California, is to
formulate uniform requirements for overhead electrical line construction.
The enforcement of this application will ensure adequate service and secure
safety to persons engaged in the construction, maintenance, operation or use
of overhead electrical lines and to the public in general.

CommScape, Inc. has over 20 years experience in the construction &
maintenance of outside plant or line extensions involving Telephone, Fiber
Optic & Coaxial Cabling on joint use utility poles in either Southern California
Edison(SCE) or Department of Water & Power(DWP) jurisdictions. We have
the knowledge & expertise with:
•        Installing or removing wood utility poles
•        Placing strand attachment pole hardware
•        Installing cable cross arms, extension arms  & guard arms
•        Placing antenna arm assemblies
•        Installing PVC schedule 80 risers & U-guarding for cabling
•        Pole stepping, butt stepping & work stepping
•        Guying & anchoring poles
•        Overhead & pole to pole guying
•        Dead ends & false dead ends
•        Insulating down guys & guy guarding
•        Placing cable guard & tree guards
•        Vertical grounding & bonding
•        Placing hand holes or small utility pull vaults
•        Placing inner-duct for Fiber and other cables.
•        Installing underground fiber optic, telephone & coaxial cables
•        Tree trimming as necessary for utility lines
•        Utility pole transfers
•        Placing pole mounted meters
•        Placing Telephone & Power equipment pedestals
•        Associated equipment concrete pads
•        Cell site utility wood pole inspections
CommScape, Inc. has the experience with overhead street clearances, railroad
clearances, power line clearances, other cabling clearances, climbing space &
identifying most all existing communication cabling or fiber optic cables that
may be in use today on utility poles.