GPS Antenna Relocation
Oftentimes, GPS antennas need to be
relocated or raised to improve signal
strength. GPS antennas are commonly
mounted directly onto the equipment
pedestals which are most often
approximately 6 feet tall. In order to
improve the signal they either need to be
relocated or extended to clear obstacles
such as surrounding buildings or trees.

CommScape, Inc. will help achieve these
goals to help improve signal strength by:
  • Providing you a service to add
    extension pipes which might need
    bracing, anchoring, brackets &
    clamps that are necessary for
    relocating the GPS.
  • We provide the necessary cabling,
    cable connectors & re-weather seal
    for all connections.
  • We can relocate GPS antennas
    where ever necessary, even if it
    means placing it at the top of an
    existing antenna tower no matter
    how high!