Fence Repairs
For instance, we work on vandalism repairs or
preventative vandalism where existing lease areas have
experienced break-ins. This can be done by way of bolt
cutters or simply loosen existing pipe clamps or gate
clamps. Sometimes homeless people or juveniles break
into equipment leased areas and make it their
temporary homes. This happens often and we can
•        Chain linked roof tops
•        Wrought iron roof tops
•        Ornamental iron work.
•        Chain linked fences
•        Metal & wooden fence posts
•        Barbed wire
•        Razor wire
•        Privacy slats
•        Sliding gates, rollers, wheels & tracks
•        Hinged gates
•        Block & masonry work

We have all of the proper tools such as: conduit
benders, conduit notches, welders, grinders, cutting
wheels, fence pullers & wire hoists.
We have the experience to install or repair various types of fences and gates, ranging from
wrought iron fence repairs, barbed wire & razor wire installations and wooden fence repairs