Cell Site Vandalism Repairs
Unfortunately these days and times, there has been an outbreak of vandals
around stealing copper from anywhere they can, both residential & commercial.  
This has affected many people & businesses everywhere, including antenna cell
sites. Vandals steel things such as:
   •        Copper wires from underground ground rings
   •        Copper wires from inside of equipment shelters
   •        Copper power cables
   •        Copper ground bars
   •        Back-up battery copper cables
   •        Copper halo ground rings
   •        Air conditioner grounds
   •        Power & Telephone equipment pedestal copper grounds
   •        H-frame grounds
   •        Cable tray copper grounds  
   •        Tower leg grounds
   •        Flexible Copper gate jumpers
   •        Steel fence posts
   •        Cad Welding

CommScape, Inc. has qualified employees equipped with the proper tools,
hardware, grounding materials, and knowledge of high level of experience to
replace any electrical grounding necessary to bring your facility back into
compliance in a timely manner.  
   Not only will we make the necessary grounding repairs, but we also provide
additional services to come up with creative solutions in order to help prevent &
detour thieves from stealing the same materials again. We can provide services
such as engineering, designing, fabricating and installing custom ground cover
boxes over the top of ground bars & grounding kits. This secures them with
concrete anchors if possible along with installing security bolts & security screws.
We can help secure existing cable tray racks as well, by enclosing them with
galvanized sheet metal and securing them with stainless steel security screws.
These methods have proven to be a major deterrent from future vandalism
attempts, because it makes it more difficult for vandals to remove, thus taking
more time than it’s worth!