Cell Site Facility Scheduled Land Care
& Facilities Maintenance Programs
Most sites eventually build up unwanted debris, leaves & trash by surrounding trees, commercial
building and careless people that throw or dump trash.  Other times it can be brought in naturally
by the wind. CommScape, Inc. can provide a dependable service that will pick up and dispose of
all built up debris properly & quickly.

Other sites naturally grow a variety of unwanted weeds, grass & sometimes small shrubs or
small palm trees that can take root quickly and eventually grow tall.  These will often become a
nuisance because they grow particularly in unwanted locations such as, in front of access gates,
shelter doors & equipment doors. CommScape, Inc. will provide an upscale service that will
remove the entire shrub or tree down to the root system to make sure it does not grow back and
we will dispose of all unwanted debris properly.
Scheduled Maintenance Programs
We can take care of and maintain any site facility that requires any duration schedule that you
may need such as:
•        Weekly – Once a week
•        Bi-weekly – Every other week
•        Monthly – Once a month (often required & sometimes mandated by the City, Lease
    agreements or by Land Owners)           
•        Bi-Monthly – Every other month (very common)
•        Quarterly – Every 3 months (very common & highly recommended at a minimum)
•        Semi-Annual – Every six months
•        Annual – Once a year
Site Clean Up
Sometimes things happen for unknown or unforeseen reasons such as:
   •        A/C or D/C Automatic sprinkler systems don’t work or do not function properly
   •        Automatic sprinkler wires are severed or disconnected
   •        Controller valves break or no longer work
   •        Controller panels no longer have power
   •        Broken risers
   •        Broken sprinkler heads
   •        Improper spray patterns
   •        Broken or clogged riser bubbler's
   •        Water main breaks? PVC, Copper or Brass connections
   •        Dead tree removals
   •        Broken or Damaged Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer Valves

Not only do we repair these types of problems but we can diagnose & troubleshoot any irrigation
problem a site may have.   
Facility Maintenance Land Care