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CommScape, Inc. is a California Corporation established to provide quality communications, construction
and maintenance services to wireless companies with cell site facilities in particular. With communications
as our core background, we have over 25 years of experience in the outside plant construction installation
and maintenance industry and we pride ourselves in knowing that we can, and have been providing
competitive pricing and a cost effective programs while providing a high level of quality customer service to
our customers. With our broad span of licenses, qualifications and expertise, we are able to provide our
customers a one stop construction company that provides a broad range of services rolled into one that
will benefit every customer.
In the early 1990’s,  President Enrique Gomez and V.P. Tony Marquez had the opportunity to manage,
construct and install over 100 miles of various sized fiber cables with several makes and models of micro
cell equipment. Taking place both on private and public right of way applications on jointly owned utility
poles in the Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties for various cellular companies such as Pac-Tel & LAC
at the time. Pole line installations involved make-ready construction consisting of re-arrangement of
existing utilities to attach new owners on joint poles per G.O. 95 practices and standards such as:
•        Strand Placing
•        Placement of Risers
•        Fiber, Coaxial and Telephone cable
•        Placing, Terminating and Testing Utility Pole Placements and Replacements
•        Pole Transfers (transferring of utilities)
•        Anchor and Down Guy Placing
•        Vertical Grounding and Bonding as Required

Many installations require underground excavations and trenching for telephone, communication and
power utilities for equipment pedestals, vaults and CEV’s as designed by the engineering companies. We
interface at all phases of the construction build process, keeping in direct communication with engineering
and utility company representatives to make every job run as streamline as possible. From construction to
integration, we make sure the network is communicating as it was intended per the carrier’s specifications.
We work with perspective carrier’s technicians and engineers to get the site on-air by making final
adjustments, software upgrades and if need be, troubleshoot Coax and Telco cables by means of Anritsu site
master analyzers and Telco testers.
Commscape, Inc. has an on-going Operations Service Agreement contract in place with T-Mobile , Inland
Empire & Simi Valley markets to perform various maintenance tasks. These tasks include, electrical
grounding repairs caused by vandalism by means of SCE alternative grounding method procedure, where
wireless Base Transceiver Stations are installed under SCE towers. Along with site modifications, sector
add-ons, preventive vandalism measures, site repairs and maintenance, miscellaneous landscape and
irrigation services.  
As a growing company we are extremely safety conscientious when it comes to our employees and the
general public. From basic First Aid, to knowing the possible exposure hazards of working in proximity of
equipment that emits RF energy, such as radios, transmission lines, antennas on poles, and roof top
applications. Traffic control in the classroom and hands-on training is provided to and required for every
employee that may be exposed to these hazards such as pole climbing or even confined space training. We
perform general safety tailgates weekly, and job specific safety meetings prior to starting new projects with
our employees. We take pride in our safety record thus far and attribute this success to our on-going safety
training program.
Our company staff consists of 3 corporate officers who are involved in the day to day operations. We have
an administrative staff of 2 assistants that perform secretarial and team support functions, and 6 field
technician and linemen that perform various functions and one janitorial person who keeps our office and
yard neat, clean and presentable. Our employees wear identifying picture badges and uniforms. We take
pride in our fleet of vehicles and equipment by performing routine maintenance and up keep.
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